Why Heating up the Ice?

Heating up the Ice_200x300

As I was working on the last book of my Joy Series an idea popped into my mind. I think I want to write a sport themed book. The idea just will not let me go. It seemed like everywhere I went I was seeing or hearing something sport related.  Don’t get me wrong I love sports. Any kind works for me. My next step was which sport will my hero play?

Well, I did not want to do the typical basketball and football that most widely known to have African American players. I wanted something that would go against the grain a little. So I pulling out my pen and paper I listed every sport I could think of.

Hockey stood out. Of course it would, I knew nothing about the sport except it was played on the ice. As much as I tried to change my mind, my muse just was not letting it go. She kept telling me I know the perfect guy to the hero. That’s when she introduced me to Lloyd. Well as soon as I met him I knew he was the man for the job. As I was getting to know Lloyd I thought that Keisha would be a perfect match for him.

So now that you know how it all began. I hope you will enjoy their story.


Lloyd Kamooga, a professional hockey player that enjoys the simple things in life. He has nothing on his mind except his career and his family. He’s doing a good job of juggling family and career until he finds himself caught in a whirlwind when Keisha comes skating into his life. He is forces to decide if she will be the one he’ll take home to his family?

Keisha Birch is going through life with her normal outgoing personality. She is focused on self and determined to make the best out of life. When she wins tickets to a professional hockey game her life takes an interesting turn. Her new love for the sport puts her in position to meet Lloyd. Does she want to take this relationship to the next level?

When their different lives become intertwined will they be able to work things out as they Heat up the Ice?



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