Blazing the Field Book Two of the Arena Series

Yes it is finally here! Blazing the Field is now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and All Romance eBooks.

Here is a little snippet!

Zoe liked everything about this man. His smell, his kisses, and especially his stamina in the bed. He’d given her pleasure she would not soon forget.

“I’ll go get things set up for you. You can have the bathroom first.”


She watched him as he walked across the room. She marveled at the chiseled out cut of his back and his firm ass. She could tell he worked out and it really paid off. No flaw was to be found. She knew she’d have to start toning up to hang with his man. He entered the opening she was sure to be the bathroom. Moments later she heard the shower running.

“You’re all set,” he said.


She wanted to pull the cover from the bed and wrap it around her body. She knew her body did not stand a chance to be compared to his.

No one’s going to make me feel ashamed.

She stood from the bed and walked across the room with her head held high. When she focused on Lance’s face, she saw a small smile tracing his lips. She added a little extra sway to her hips. When she reached the door where he was standing, she stood on her tiptoes and gave him a peck on the lips. She continued into the bathroom and found a folded towel and cloth waiting. Sitting on the counter top was a little travel size bottle of shower gel. She grabbed the gel and the cloth and stepped into the shower.

The water was perfect. She could not help but marvel at the enormous size of the shower. There was plenty of room.

“This shower is huge,” she yelled through the glass.

“Care for some company?” he asked.

Damn, was he still standing in the same place? His voice sounded really close.


What the hell was she thinking? Before she could second guess her response he was standing at the glass opening. Within a blink he was inside. The water beaded off his body just as the sweat had earlier. His skin was flawless. Everything about this man was perfect. He took the shower gel from her hand and dispensed a small amount in his hand. Rubbing them together, she soon saw the rich lather it produced.

“May I?” he asked.

Zoe looked at his foam covered hands. How could she deny the feeling of those hands?

“Of course.”

He began applying the lather over her body. She could feel her sex coming alive again. She could not tell if the moisture between her thighs was from the water or her own liquids. She took the sudsy cloth she was holding and began to lather his body in the same motion. There was nothing that did not look good against this man’s skin.

When she rubbed her hand down over his stomach she could see that his member had become awake again as well. She fisted his tool with her suds soaked hand. She allowed the member to slide through her hand just as it had in her sex earlier. She realized that his hands stopped moving over her body. She looked up into his face only to see that his eyes were closed and his head tilted back allowing the water to run down over his face.

She allowed the clear water to wash away the soap. She then lowered her body down on her knees. She continued to fist the ever hardening member in her hand. Now that she was face to face with it she realized why Lance was so careful during their earlier adventure. She would have to thank him later for his courtesy.

Bringing her mouth to the tip, she allowed her tongue to trace the head. She took the same care and time he had earlier. This time she wanted to make sure he enjoyed what she was about to deliver. There was no need to hurry. She had all night if need be. Slowly she drew the entire head into her mouth. Again she used her tongue to rotate around the member as she held it in her mouth.

“Ohh,” he said.

She could not help but smile. With a sound like that she had to be doing something right. Removing the tip from her mouth she used the tip of her tongue to trace the bottom of his penis. Using her hand she felt the weight of his heavy sack. She began to massage the area as she returned her mouth to the head. This time she allowed more to enter her mouth. With each bob of her head she took in more.

As much as she wanted to there was no way she could take all of him in her mouth. She allowed her hands to help her do the work. She closed her eyes when she got the rhythm that seemed to be working for both of them. Lance pumped his hips just as he had earlier. She tightened her lips around his piece putting pressure on his member.

“Oh shit!” he shouted.

He began to pump his hips faster. She increased her tempo trying to keep in rhythm with him. Up and down she worked his shaft as if it had been hers for years. She knew her sex would not soon forget Lance and she wanted his to feel the same way.

“I’m going to come.”

She heeded the warning and prepared her mouth for his seed. She pumped and sucked him until she finally heard a loud grunt. It was soon followed by a mouth full of his warmth. She took in every drop, not letting any go to waste. She slowed her motion but did not let him escape her lips. It did not go unnoticed that he was just as stiff as he was before he had his orgasm. She gave the tip one last lick before releasing it for her mouth.

She settled back far enough to look up at him. He stood there with one hand braced on the wall and the other holding onto the shower head.

“It looks like you’re holding on like you’re expecting an earthquake.”

“I think I just felt one.”

“It must be the aftershock of the one I felt earlier.”

He raised and lowered his eyebrows and gave her a little wink. She watched as he reached outside the shower to the stand where she’d left the towel. She stood and began to search for the bottle of shower gel. She was nowhere near ready to get out of the shower. She had not washed one thing, except Lance’s member.



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